lauantai 2. helmikuuta 2013

To become PRO

As most of you already know, the Hydra widget platform is currently supporting most of the available widgets implemented for the major widget platforms in mobile market, including Tizen, Symbian WRT, Opera widgets, Samsung widgets and any generic W3C widgets. In addition, Hydra supports loads of widget functionality defined by Apache Cordova and Wholesale Applications Community projects.

I'm continuously working to improve compatibility with all the specifications and APIs released by W3C, Cordova and WAC. In the future, there might even be a port of the software to other platforms, especially the promising MeeGo continuation provided by Jolla in form of Sailfish OS. I'm also considering open sourcing the application at a later time.

If you want to support this continuous effort, there is now an opportunity to purchase a professional version of the Hydra widget platform. All contributions are highly appreciated. For the money, You get all the features from the free versions, as well as getting the latest new features and improvements before the users of the free version do. In addition, the PRO version automatically encrypts all installed widgets and their data to provide top level security.

The first available PRO version is based on Hydra 1.3.5 and contains the following changes:

  • New widget that enables access to files stored on Google Drive
  • Added cookie support for embedded webviews (WAC extension)
  • Separated shortcut widgets to their own category in the manager app
  • Modified automatic update checking only happen when there is a network connection instead of prompting for one
  • Several bug fixes
Please note that installing widgets with the PRO version is slightly slower due to the encryption. When installing big widget packages, the system might say "Not responding", but the installation will finish successfully in a few seconds. I'm working on providing a nicer installation flow for the next version.

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