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Widget runtime 1.2.1 available

A new version has just become available in the Nokia Store. It comes with a long list of improvements and fixes. The most important change in it is the way web viewports are sized. Earlier versions tried to follow the content size and automatically scale based on that. It wasn't a very stable method and some web applications behaved poorly with it, so I changed the logic to no longer use scaling by default. Any widget with dimensions specified in the configuration document will still be scaled to provide a viewport that matches the defined size. In addition, Tizen widgets will now be recognized and will automatically use viewport of size 1024x600 unless otherwise defined so there is no longer any need to define that in the configuration file. Similarly, Opera widgets will use default viewport with width of 300px, since that seems to be a default resolution in some Opera products.

Full changelog:

  * Refactored widget viewport and scale calculations
  * Improved widget manager UI by putting all the actions to a toolbar and adding a search function
  * Added a feature demo widget to show how the widget APIs work
  * Implemented support for W3C Widget Updates specification
  * Implemented support for W3C Widget Access Request Policy specification
  * Implemented support -o-widget-mode and view-mode media queries via hackish means of converting them to -webkit-view-mode
  * Implemented support for sms URI scheme
  * Implemented settings page
  * Added option to always start Symbian widgets in 2x magnified view
  * Added option to enable or disable WARP
  * Fixed regressions in 1.1.0 regarding notification id storing and comparison
  * Fixed automatic input reveal to also pan when typing on the input field modified html and places input behind VKB
  * Fixed Opera widgetmodechange event to fire with proper values expected by Opera widgets and separated it's listeners to a separate stack from W3C viewmodechange event listeners
  * Fixed Symbian widget.isrotationsupported to properly return boolean true value
  * Fixed Symbian widget.wrt references
  * Fixed cleared preference values drawn from configuration defaults

  * Fixed a random crash after uninstalling a widget with live icon
  * Fixed remote widget instances initiated before the manager not closing when uninstalling

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